Coaching  and Mentoring

Helping you adress the Human Experience and employee engagement with Coaching, Mentoring


Dare we use the word “coaching” because in our experience most Business Leaders seem to have a strong aversion to the word, AND IT SEEMS TO HAVE SUCH A NEGATIVE CONNOTATION, synonyms are GUIDING, LEADING, COUNSELING, EDUCATING OR GROOMING if these sound more relatable to you.

We support you and your people in achieving a specific personal goal (living a happier and more effective life) or Career goal by providing you with necessary guidance and tools.

Working 1:1 will allow you to spend time untangling issues you may be facing or help you to gain clarity and focus enabling you to move forward.


As Mentors we help our Client’s by providing them with the knowledge, experience and insights to help them cope with a specific challenge and offer tailored insight and advice.

We engage in a virtual setting and via ZOOM. If you prefer a more intimate setting and are in close proximity to our team then we can hold face to face sessions tool

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Improve Employee Engagement and Human Experience

  • The Way humans experience the world of work has become the top priority due to the unprescendented changes experienced in our economies and businesses. WFH has created a new paradigm of employee experience and their understanding of the organization.
  • Effective engagement ensures loyalty, less attrition and productivity.

Our employee engagement interventions strive to increase engagement percentiles and boost employee morale.

Rewards and Recognition

People leave organizations due to less opportunities for progression and shortfall in rewards and recognition.

Studies prove that while reward and recognition are well defined for Senior Management they aren’t effectively designed and implemented for middle and junior levels.

A comprehensive Rewards and Recognition system for the entire life cycle of an employee starting from on-boarding helps improve loyalty, reduce attrition and improves team performance.

We help you to design a holistic Rewards and Recognition systems aligned with a high performance culture.

"A leader takes people where they want to go, a GREAT Leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, BUT OUGHT TO BE."-Rosalynn Carter