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FAQ's-I don't know what I don't know?

That is why we are here. We meet you where you are at and empower your business with HR skills and knowledge to meet Labour law requirements and upskill Line Management on HR best practice.

What businesses do you work with?

We partner with small and medium-sized companies at any life stage of your business.

Why do we need to partner with an HR Consultant?

FAQ’s-We lay the strong HR foundation in your business. Get the HR documentation compliant, ensure your business legal compliance obligations are met, guide you on HR best practices, developing processes, strategizing workforce planning. We help you navigate the employee journey from onboarding the new starter through to offboarding. The services are delivered from seasoned HR Professionals.

How much do you charge?

After an initial discovery call to gain insight into your operational requirements, we propose how we can best support your business. We offer both ad-hoc support charged for a flat fee or charged at an hourly rate. A monthly retainer package may serve you better which is a flat fee for a fixed number of billable hours a month over a 12-month period.

What is your response time?

We respond within a few hours during office hours.

When do I need to seek out HR support?

FAQ’s-There is no magic headcount enforcing the need. When you work with people you require HR support.

How do you work?

FAQs-All HR consulting services are delivered Virtually. Book a call with us or send an e-mail to schedule a virtual chat to determine what your needs are, we then draft a proposal for your consideration, once accepted we get to work. We are a sounding board for business owners and senior management. We also support HR teams with HR Projects.

What does Talent sourcing cost?

We charge 15 % sourcing and placement fee. A 5% non-refundable deposit puts us to work. The balance of the total placement fee is charged once the candidate accepts the offer. Talk to us and we can see how we can accommodate you.

How do you recruit?

Our clients refer to us as Talent sorcerers rather than recruitment agencies. We are not a “fly by night” recruitment agency charging exorbitant placement fees for a quick buck, we are skilled HR consultants talented in matching the right candidate with the culture of your organization.

Why do you ask for a deposit?

This ensures the client is serious about appointing us to source their quality talent and on the flip side drives us to deliver a professional service as promised.

Does a small business need to ensure their business complies with labour laws?

Yes, employment laws regulate any size of business that employs people.

Does a small business need to report to DOL and SETA?

We will need to establish if the business meets the qualifying criteria for reporting.