Virtual HR services

Affordable access to Talent specialists, equipped to guide you through sticky situations

Virtual HR Consulting

Our Human resources services retainer packages guarantee you access to a dedicated Human Resources professional, who will hold your hand through the stages of the employee life cycle for an agreed number of hours for a fixed period and engage with you via your preferred electronic communication platform.

HR Solutions that are typically included in our Virtual retainer package: (tailored to your needs)

  • Virtual HR Consulting/ Mentoring/ Support
  • HR Advisory on Labour relations and best practice strategy
  • Talent acquisition (Recruitment fees are significantly less when opting for a retainer package)
  • Employment Contract drafting and review
  • Review of HR-related written communications
  • Claiming of Annual Mandatory Grant –WSP/ATR submission to SETA
  • Employment Equity reporting
  • Annual Employee handbook and or company policy reviews
  • Drafting and review of warnings
  • Job Profile reviews and development
  • Outplacement consulting
  • Bi-annual PAIA (the Promotion of Access to Information Act) Manual update
  • Keeping client informed of Labour law updates
  • Collaborating with Psychometrists, Talent Consultants, Coaches and Labour lawyers for specialist solutions.

Benefits of a Retainer package

  • Easy access to Human Resources services at significantly reduced hourly rates
  • Recruitment fees that will not “break the bank”
  • Keeping you informed of the latest labour law amendments
  • Dedicated access to Professional Human Resources management expertise
  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we held our clients hand in successfully meeting the requirements for fair retrenchments
  • A start-up confidently reduced their business risk by presenting new joiners with professional, compliant employment contracts and a comprehensive employee handbook defining the code of conduct expected boosting their employee experience
  • Empowering our partners with best people practices

Human resources services Retainer packages are tailored to suit your business, chat to us about your needs.

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We have marked:

  • The Statutory annual reporting deadlines required by SARS, UIF, Department of Employment and Labour as well as your SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority).
  • Employee Engagement initiatives.
  • South African Public Holidays.
  • Days to observe - Mandela Day and Heritage Day.
  • Wellness days to observe.

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