Human Design

In the quest for personal development and self-discovery, many individuals seek various methods and practices to unlock their true potential and live a more fulfilling life.

A powerful and holistic system we use to do this is Human Design.

Simply put, this system permits you to be-ing your-self.  It guides you to become more of Who you are and helps you align with your highest human potential.

Human Design is where Astrology meets Personality typing. Human design shows you specifically what your soul inherently is and not who you have been conditioned to be.

What sets Human Design apart from Personality assessments, such as (The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment, Big 5 Personality test, StrengthsFinder and the Enneagram? These are self-assessments, where you answer questions about yourself to determine your personality type, whereas Human Design is calculated on your birth date and time using specific energy systems, giving you your energetic blueprint, the unique WAY in which you can BEST operate in work and Life.

From a young age, humans are conditioned through our learnings and adapt to take on qualities that will make us be loved and accepted making it easy to define who we think we should be instead of who we are without having the conscious awareness that we are doing it.

Self Discovery

Human Design is a self-discovery tool, that reveals how you operate. What we love most about this system is that Human Design gives you permission to be yourself and honour the unique differences we all bring to the table.

Teams discover how individuals best identify with the strengths you share. You will learn how to make aligned decisions using the wisdom of your body and how you are designed to operate in this world.

We explore your Human Design chart to discover the real you and guide you to living as your most aligned self in work and in life.

Operating from an empty cup may lead to anxiety, which is what I felt at the thought of a Monday until I started my self-discovery journey and created a work/ life balance aligned with my human design.

Can you imagine if we learned about ourselves collectively what better humans we could be?

Eager to start your personal development journey and curious about your Human Design?

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Energy Types

Generators (Alchemist)

These are the WORKER BEES, they are here to use their ample creative energy to create, work on, or build what they love.

Manifestors ( Initiator, Creative Visionary, Influencer)

They take action on their ideas when they feel like it. They are here to impact and inspire others to make a change or start something new. They know how to turn creative ideas into concepts, projects or movements.

Projectors ( The Guide, Orchestrator, Seer)

They see human potential and hold frequencies of the world together. someone who shows others how they can effectively use their energy in order to turn ideas and inspiration into creation or manifestation.

Reflectors  (Mirrors, Calibrator)

They help humanity make decisions that can help improve the welfare of all humans. They are here to empathetically feel the people around them to gauge the overall well-being of their environment. They are a barometer for the world.

Manifesting Generators ( Multi-tasker, Timebender)

They are Multipassionate. Also known as Timebenders. They create more energy for others and. are here to inspire others as they use their ample creative energy to create, work on, or build what they love in a diverse and varied fashion.