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Talent acquisition for Middle, Senior and Executive level positions at highly competitive rates

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Talent Aquisition specialists who have your best interests at heart, and appreciate that turnover is costly, that recruitment fees can be exorbitant, and training the candidate to get them up to speed with the way things work in your organisation takes time before you see a return on your investment therefore our approach to talent acquisition is thorough and handled with special care and professionalism.

Sourcing the “right fit” and placing star talent in your business is the end goal.  Background checks can include criminal, credit checks, fraud, qualification verification and social media assessments). Psychometric assessments can be administered where required.

We prefer not to refer to our business as a “fly by night” recruitment agency charging exorbitant placement fees for a quick buck, but rather as skilled Talent consultants talented in matching the right candidate with the culture of your organisation.

How we find you the right Talent

Our core focus is the sourcing and successful placement of positions at Middle, Senior and Executive levels in all sectors. Placement of these positions can be on either a permanent, fixed term or temporary basis.

Talent mapping is a proactive approach which we apply to forecast your long-term hiring needs and subsequently cultivate organizational support for new roles over time. Bridging the gap between your business goals and the people you need to achieve these outcomes.

As a start up or mid-size organization rapidly expanding to new heights we can help you gain a better understanding and implement strategies to grow to the next level.


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Our rates are highly competitive and we offer a further reduction in our rates when you choose our virtual HR retainer package.

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