Aspects to consider when designing a staff wellness program

Aspects to consider when designing a staff wellness program

Staff wellness matters. We appreciate how motivated you are to make positive changes in your organization to address staff wellness and know your time is limited, with managing the day-to-day challenges in your business.  Lean on our team of professionals to create a well-being culture that allows your employees to THRIVE!

This can be achieved with innovative, engaging, and collaborative wellness initiatives and staff wellness programs. To get you inspired here are 6 aspects to consider when integrating wellness into your workplace:

  1. Look at the current workplace culture
  2. Practice mindfulness when communication with your colleagues
  3. Explore how nutrition is supported at your workplace
  4. Identify how your employees can move more throughout the day
  5. Promote Stress resilience
  6. Consider the physical environment

Most importantly, taking action to improve employee well-being shows employees that business leaders put their people first.  Wellness increases employee engagement and the return on engagement comes in the form of higher productivity, profitability, and retention. We find that often wellness programmes focus solely on offering physical health interventions and fail to integrate all areas of well-being into a holistic program in order to address the whole person.

Addressing only the physical aspect of wellness may not address the root cause of poor health. If it increases stress levels, it probably won’t improve engagement, either and if administered insensitively may only increase the pressure on stressed employees.

Here’s a list of impressive statistics about workplace wellness programs confirming the effectiveness of a well designed staff wellness program.

Some Employee wellness interventions we can suggest (the sky is the limit actually):

  • Health and wellness education-Monthly Employee wellness newsletters keeping your employees up to date with guidance on trending health and wellness news.
  • Coaching (Life coach/Health coach/Performance coach/Career coach)
  • Employee Wellness webinars
  • Financial wellness
  • Mental health awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress-reducing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Trauma and Tension relief exercises (TRE), and Yoga
  • Exercise and Nutrition experts
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners

Looking for a staff wellness program to address the whole person?

Need help with developing a staff wellness program? mail us!

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