Set your HR Professionals and or Line Managers up for success by investing in a HR Mentor. We offer affordable guidance and support from Senior HR Professionals providing invaluable insight beyond education.

Whether you are a newly appointed HR graduate or a mid-career HR Professional who has been identified for succession within your organisation or you recently recruited an HR Professional in a Senior position who is not quite at the level which you require. We hold the Mentee’s hand to equip them with the skillset required to achieve excellence in their appointed position.

How developed are your Line Manager’s human skills?

Are they comfortable with holding crucial conversations, performance reviews, or disciplining their employees Or do they lump these responsibilities on to the HR function because they are not confident to action these themselves? Leaving Human resources to carry the Line or Business Unit Managers which places additional unnecessary pressure on Human resources.

The benefits of investing in an HR Mentor for both the employee and the employer:

  • Provides the mentee with a fresh perspective
  • Builds a strong professional foundation
  • Learn coaching skills
  • Carried out in a Confidential setting
  • Identification of skills gaps
  • Practical HR master class expertise
  • No influence from internal business politics
  • Sound HR advice
  • Labour law expertise
  • Hone in on developing leadership capabilities
  • Facilitates the transfer of knowledge between divisions
  • Get constructive feedback

We are passionate about empowering your employees by developing them to excel in their roles and the ripple effect is productive, happy employees and a profitable business!

The benefits far outweigh the costs, get in touch with us today to develop a mentorship programme tailored to the mentee’s needs and business requirements.

What tips would you give to a business implementing an HR mentorship program if you have a formal program in place?

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