What you can do to attract and retain the best talent pool in 2024 and beyond…

What you can do to attract and retain the best talent pool in 2023 and beyond...with Hands-on Human Resources

Employees are seeking out companies that provide flexibility and choice, a “working MY WAY” is the new attitude and seems to be the way the world is moving. So how can we continue to move forward with the world?

Transformation in the world of work was sped up because of the pandemic and we are seeing so many companies re-thinking their talent attraction and retention strategies and reinventing their workforce models to stay ahead of the curve.

Companies are consistently looking for opportunities to improve their talent offering, to attract the best talent and boost productivity and levels of engagement.

As the “Great Resignation slowly fades, we are now faced with “The Great Attrition”, which is most definitely likely to gain momentum unless we take a deep dive into why employees are leaving and take meaningful steps to retain them.

  • Multipotenialite’s are on the rise;
  • Work-life Balance Is A Priority;
  • People Are Packing Up And Going On Sabbatical (those fortunate ones…)
  • Reset Days Are A New Leave Entitlement boosting employee well-being;
  • 4- Day Work Week And More Flexibility.  South African Companies Pioneer Pilot Kicks Off In early 2023;
  • Employers are embracing the new approach of a blended Workforce.
attract and retain talent with Hands on Human Resources

Filling up your talent pool with Atypicality seems to be a more viable option for 2023 and beyond.

You may be questioning how to re-invent your HR strategy to meet the new demands of the growing unconventional workforce. The answer is to take a multifaceted approach, by expanding your reach into multiple talent pools to attract talent and get creative with your employment offers.

A Mckinsey survey showed that the main motivating factor keeping people in a job is flexibility. The reason for leaving was due to uncaring, uninspiring leaders and a lack of career development.

Shifting our mindsets to view our people as humans and not workers in the workplace should be our focus. This approach factors in all attributes critical to a person’s life and work experiences.

Knowing what your employees want and value will lay the foundation for a successful attraction and retention strategy and continuously reviewing it to stay relevant. Incorporating questionaries during onboarding, offboarding and performance review processes will give you the data necessary to decide on the next steps.

Testing new concepts, programs, processes, and practices to determine if they are realistic, and well-received is a good strategy for finding a balance that works for your organization.

There are no “one-size-fits” all solutions to attract and retain talent.

attract and retain talent with Hands on Human Resources
 1. Write great Job Profiles

 A job profile is much more than listing tasks and requirements. It is one of the 1st impressions a job seeker has of your company so make it interesting. The tone of writing reflects your company culture, match them with your brand.

 2.  Offer competitive salaries

 Let’s face it, it is always top of mind when job seekers are in the market, no one wants to leave their current job for less, ideally for more. Consider including benefits, such as retirements fund schemes, leave entitlements, incentive schemes to make it more attractive.

3.  Provide career development opportunities

 Set clear goals to achieve and create a Personal development plan to achieve these. Offer training opportunities to gain experience and build their knowledge. Peer mentors can help guide their careers. Lastly promote from within the company where possible.

4.  Train line managers

 We can’t emphasize the importance of training enough. It so important that Line Managers are trained on how to successfully manage their teams. Often, they are thrown in the deep end without the support and tools to effectively manage their teams. Leadership programs can help build their leadership skills resulting in a higher retention rate.

5.  Monitor Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be improved by encouraging open communication and feedback. Employee turnover and absenteeism will be reduced. Be careful not to burden your engaged employees with loads of work, they could be fatigued quickly and lead to negativity and reduced predictivity and burn-out. Bring in skilled freelancers to relieve overburdened employees to support them.

How have you re-invented your talent attraction and retention strategy?

Please share your story with us.

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Natalie Leach, CHRP, is the Founder and Director of Talent at Hands on Human Resources. She has gained a comprehensive understanding of people management from 25 years of experience in various sectors both in-house and HR Consulting. She is passionate about self-improvement and empowering people and organizations to thrive. Hands-on Human Resources offers Virtual HR and Talent sourcing services to South African SMEs. Send an e-mail to info@hohr.co.za to book a call.

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