5 Workforce strategies: Leading the shift from survive to thrive – [Infographic] 2021

5 Workforce strategies: Leading the shift from survive to thrive

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had access to an HR manual defining exactly how to navigate the unknown with proven tried and tested workforce strategies to implement in your organisation that work in the new world of work? Shifting your mindset to adopting new workforce strategies within your organisation this year has proved challenging to most organisations to say the least.

COVID-19 has proved that people and businesses are capable of tremendous growth under the pressure of a world crisis. The challenge for many of us will be to sustain this momentum to discover new ways to thrive long-term amidst the constant disruptions that keep resetting our paths forward.

Deloitte called on organizations to look at work and the workforce through three lenses, PURPOSE, POTENTIAL AND PERSPECTIVE, —to transcend a perceived conflict between humans and technology.  Reports were completed by more than 3,600 Executives in 96 countries, which included responses from more than 1,200 C-suite executives and board members, in addition to other management functions.

For the first time in the report’s 11-year history, business respondents (59%), including 233 CEOs, outnumbered HR executives (41%) in the survey—underscoring the growing importance of human capital- HR in organizational decision-making.

This year – 2021 has shown that putting people at the heart of an organization’s decisions about work and the workforce enables leaders to better stay-ahead of disruption. Now more than ever, purpose, potential, and perspective are essential to build an organization that can THRIVE in an unpredictable environment with an unknown future.

We agree that it is time for organizations to shift their focus from a survival mindset to a thrive mindset. For leaders to shift their strategies from preparing for the known to  preparing for the unknown.

How can you transform your thinking and position your business to thrive when all you are focused on is making the changes necessary to survive?

Deloitte believes that making the shift from “survive to thrive” depends on an Organisation’s becoming and remaining distinctly human at its core” a different way of being that approaches every question, issue and decision from a human perspective first.”


What are your thoughts on these workforce strategies?

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Natalie Leach, CHRP, is the Founder and Director of Talent at Hands on Human Resources. She has gained a comprehensive understanding of people management from 25 years of experience in various sectors both in-house and HR Consulting. She is passionate about self-improvement and empowering people and organizations to thrive. Hands-on Human Resources offers Virtual HR and Talent sourcing services to South African SMEs. Send an e-mail to info@hohr.co.za to book a call.

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