In the current economic climate, the cost of employing a full time HR professional does not make financial sense if the headcount doesn’t warrant it. Partner with a subject matter expert who will ensure legal compliance is therefore a financially viable solution.

SME’s generally require their new starters to hit the ground running so recruiting an employee who is the right fit with the right skills set is not negotiable! Larger organisations have the luxury of possibly re-deploying their staff and/or investing in training to bring the new employee up to speed.

Managing the probation period is critical for managing good and bad performance. Poor performance issues need to be addressed while they are hot, documented clearly and follow up in the application of the process is essential. Ignorance is not bliss when you need to pay out an award at the CCMA to a non-performing employee and for those excelling in their roles to derive continued job satisfaction.

It’s imperative that SME’s understand the implications of all aspects of labour laws applicable to their respective industries as legislation does not differentiate between sizes of organisations so it’s advisable to develop and implement a sound labour relations framework, which may prevent CCMA referrals.

SME’s… PROTECT your businesses from any potential legal non-compliance by partnering with HR experts.

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